Sentinel Blue for Large Dogs 22 - 45kg****NEW TASTY CHEWABLE FORM***

Similar to Sentinel in that it controls hookworm, roundworm & heartworm. But Spectrum has added praziquantel for tapeworm control. Now fleas and all the worms are covered in a simple monthly dose. Presented in a pack of SIX tablets for a 6-month supply.
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Sentinel Spectrum - Yellow


Active Ingredients:
Milbemycin oxime, Lufenuron, Praziquantel

A once a month beef flavoured tablet (given with a full meal) which most dogs will happily eat from your hand. When used all year around, Sentinel Spectrum Flavour Tabs will provide for your dog parasite protection against the serious parasites, including fleas, which can lead to disease or death. Presented in a pack of 6 tablets for a six month supply.

Used for the prevention / control of:

Heartworm – spread by mosquitoes, so all dogs in such areas are at risk, will cause heart & lung disease and eventually death.{Dogs must be tested for heartworm before commencing Interceptor if they have not been on heartworm prevention before}

Roundworm – causes diarrhoea, vomiting and abdominal pain. In younger dogs it can stunt growth and give them a ‘pot belly’ appearance. Roundworm can cause disease in humans.

Hookworm – causes bloody diarrhoea, anaemia & in some cases death; damages the wall of the intestines causing them to bleed internally leading to black faeces. Hookworm can cause disease in humans.

Whipworm – can cause bloody, jelly-like diarrhoea and anaemia. Are picked up from the environment, often difficult to find when testing.

Tapeworm – The Common Flea Tapeworm, Dipylidium develops in the dogs intestine and can be up to 50cm long. Segments of the tapeworm may sometime be seen in the faeces or around the anus area. Hydatid Tapeworms, Echinococcus granulosa, are more serious. They are found in areas where dogs and sheep are in contact and pose a serious health threat to humans.

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